Monday, June 6, 2011

new sem.. new life...

lmk x update blog.. besa la.. org busy bha.. byk business.. latest news??.. hrmmm.. byk gilerr..
i got a job.. i got many new frens.. i got a gud result in exam.. i got a wonderful soulmate... byk gik arr..

about the job.. actually its only 4 temporary n my part time job... not only 4 getting salary.. but also gain experiences.. more or less.. i got many experiences since im working... hehe...

talk abt frens..... hrmm.. i got many frens since im working.. its quite tired working... but, when i already got frens at my workplace, my negative thinking abt my job change to a fun and exciting experiences... :)

my result in exam??.. not too bad.. not too gud.. just fair.. but, im thankful wit it.. at least, im pass in all papers... my pointer uncreased.. im hepi wit dat.. dis sem i'll try my best to keep it up more than dis level... i want to further my studies in degree once im graduate in diploma... hope God hear my request... :)

wonderful soulmate??.. hehehe... i found mine...!!! i got a gud, caring, loving and responsible soulmate... that person always makes me smile.. never makes me sad.. im so in love wit that person... people always said that we r d crazy couple... hahaha... sounds weird... but, that's true.. we r exactly CRAZY COUPLE... haha.. y i said so??.. coz we got almost same interest.. i dun mind what people want 2 say abt us... as along as we r hepi.. hehee....

ok l.. got to go.. that's all 4 now.. nex time i'll update it more.. bye.. :)

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